PROJECT 03 // 2020


Mudra Poster

Photography: Tobias Hoops

Mudra is an Indian word, rooted in Hinduism, that denotes a single symbolic hand gesture, of which there are many, also found in everyday life. Later adopted by Buddhism, mudras present a direct link to the enlightened self and the energy needed to find it.

In the newest work by Hamburg-based Taiwanese choreographer and film-maker Jasmine Fan, the different manifestations this symbolic hand language has taken in different cultures is explored with the underlying context of the choreographer’s personal search for the connection between her new European culture and her Taiwanese roots.

Official Mudra Poster Official Mudra Poster Mudra Performance Mudra Performance
Concept & Choreography: Jasmine Fan
Artistic direction: Jasmine Fan
Dramaturgy: Xiang-Jun Fan, Jean-Claude Mondot
Dancers: Ying-Yun Chen, Isabella Boldt
Sound Designer: Sum-Sum Shen
Composer: Ilya Selikhov
Film: Jasmine Fan
Photo und Film-Cameraman: Tobias Hoops
Graphic Design: Dennis Kapell
Costume designer: Alessa Kapp
Technician: Sönke Christian Herm
Stage build: Valerie Witt, Martin Stobbe
PR Management: Doria Worden
Production Assistent: Doria Worden, Valerie Witt
Producer: Jasmine Fan