PROJECT 01 // 2023


COLOR Poster

“Do we have the longing in us to observe other people? In Mandarin, the word “color” has the double meaning of color and eroticism. In terms of content, color is about the sliding transitions from neutral observing to protecting to monitoring.

The spatial installation does not separate the audience and stage areas; the audience, guided by the dancer, can move freely in the performance space. The central compositional means consist of the choreography and miniature cameras attached to the dancer’s hands. The images are played back in real time and delayed on three projection screens distributed throughout the space. Before the performance, the audience is informed that they can interactively influence the content of the projection through movements. For this purpose, an installation of millimeter-wave radar sensors is being developed in collaboration with the engineering group “Art Power” from Taiwan, which has meanwhile created various innovative high-tech installations for the performing arts.

Photograph by Felix Barnhard

With her multimedia dance performance, Taiwan-born Jasmine Fan and an international team explore the interrelationships of observation and surveillance. The piece runs through three sequences: Embedded in a very sensual choreography, the film layer of this first sequence shows images that the dancer creates of herself with her finger cameras.

Photograph by Tobias Hoops

In the process, the boundaries between reality and illusion can be experienced. In a second sequence, a criminal story is told on film that the author herself had experienced in relation to surveillance cameras.

Photograph by I-Chun Chen Photograph by I-Chun Chen

In the last part, the dancer “watches” the audience with her cameras, who can prevent the camera recording by moving. Animated by the dancer and the music, the piece ends in a collective dance, free of surveillance images. Last but not least, the dance performance is intended to stimulate reflection on the widespread ignorance of modern societies towards the effects of increasing surveillance on our lives.

Poster for the COLORS dance performance

Supported by the NATIONAL PERFORMANCE NETWORK - STEPPING OUT, funded by the Minister of State for Culture and Media within the framework of the initiative NEUSTART KULTUR. Assistance Program for Dance.

This project also support by the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan and the support funds of WIESE e. G. Thanks to the support of the Centre National de la Danse, the performance is rehearsed CN D in Paris, as well as at the Open Studio in Thessaloniki (Greece), organized by Wolke Artgroup. Likewise, a big thank you for the support goes to: pflanzmich, Thessaloniki cinedance international, STAY Youth Hostel.

Choreography and Production: Jasmine Fan
Dramaturg team: Jean-Claude Mondot, Barbara Schmidt-Rohr
Dancer: Vasna Aguilar
Digitale Installation: Art power

Art power team
Art Director: Chen I-Chun
Technical Director: Lan Yi-Shan
Executive Director: Chou po-Ching
Project Execution: Hsu Wei-Cheng
Technical consultant: Luo He-Lin

Musik: Age of Hate, Alexandre Joe Durand-Baissas, Antonia Cangemi
Sound Designer: Sum Sum Shen, Ilya Selikhov
Costume Designer: Julien Steenman
Licht Designer: Tobias Hoops
Video editing: Ray Juster
Graphic Designer: Hadrien Durand-Baissas
PR Manager: Todor Barganov
Production Assistant: Cláudia Ferrando
Technische director: Camilo Bueno
Technische Assistant : Ammar Khadra

Photo credits: Felix Barnhard, Tobias Hoops, I-Chun Chen